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Daniel J Poticny DDS, FACDNA

What makes us unique in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex?

Our practice is built on attention to detail that is evident in everything we do from the facility itself to an energetic and professional dental team whose sole focus is exemplary dental care delivered comfortably to the highest of standards.

Modern techonologies have made it possible for people to retain or replace teeth for a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction.  Your oral health influences your overall health well being.  Dentistry and medicine are intertwined to the point where we now know that poor oral health influences and even contributes to many diseases that affect your heart and other organs, jaw pain, chronic infections, and sleep habits.  Likewise, common diseases like diabetes, and many others will influence your oral health.  

For this reason our mission is one of "Oral Wellness" recognizing healthy teeth and surrounding structures are an integral part of the greater whole-your overall health. Our focus is prevention first, disease reversible where possible, with necessary treatment delivered with state-of-the-art techiques that minimize damage yet able to deliver reliable, long term outcomes.  

Our hygiene department utilizes the best of current technolgies and techniques to help every patient achieve a high level of "oral wellness". The majority of dental disease is preventable and the best dental treatment is no treatment.  Starting your child off right through good nutition, regular oral wellness visits, good home care, and appropriate therapies such as fluorides, sealants, and orthodontics will pay handsome dividends. If you are an adult with defective dentistry and disease conditions, oral wellness is achieveable with appropriate treatment once disease is eliminated or controlled and your teeth are restored to full function and appearance using technologies and therapies that are state-of-the art.  Followed by regular oral wellness visits coupled with therapeutic aides and proper home care-oral wellness can be maintained for a lifetime.

The more you know what the possibilities are, the more comfortable you will be in discussing your care with my dental team. Feel free to browse our site to discover what and how oral wellness can be achieved.

Welcome you to our practice!

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